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William Kakousky's Doug Davis
I've moved all the fan art into this page as it was getting a bit crowded on the main Contributors page. Hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

Heiner Horstmann's Great Paintings and Murals!

Heiner is a German MMM collector who contacted me with several images of his collection and these painting examples (seems these were murals painted on the walls of his home). It turns out that I had some other images of paintings that he did sent to me from a friend. I've included these as well (below - they're signed "SHA" (Killersha on DeviantArt) . To view pics of Heiner's MMM display, go to the MMM Collections Display page).

Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4 | Image 5 | Image 6 | Image 7 | Image 8 | Image 9 

Unfortunately Heiner left this realm a few years ago - safe journey my friend.

William Kakousky - Finished Illustration!

William Kakousky, a professional illustrator and lifelong MMM aficionado from France, submits this beautiful illustration of Doug Davis (see image below for the work in progress).

Off & on he's been working on it for far more than a year. This work is Copyright 2001 Willis Kakousky Illustration, who writes: "any MMM fan is welcome to print out this illustration for personal use only. Please contact the artist ( for use in printed and/or distributed media."

Work in Progress (showing his airbrush technique)

Ward Art Studio Astronauts

Ward did a couple of MMM paintings which he sold on eBay as original art pieces in 2017, as I recall. He managed to make prints of the original paintings and offers them up for sale on his Redbubble store applied to shirts, mugs, etc.

Thomas Webb Astronauts

Like Ward above, Thomas Webb has a couple of MMM Astronaut portraits (Matt and Jeff so far) on his Webbitup Etsy store, as prints and applied to shirts, mugs, etc. These are interesting as they're paintings of the actual figures, complete with rubs, etc.

Charles Burke's Great Tattoo!

Here's something you don't often see, a MMM fan to the extreme! 

Charles writes: "I just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to everyone connected with this group. I have found it invaluable. When I first went online I found Don Thomson who always amazed me with the speed of his replies to my questions. Through Don I found Larry Chinn who has almost single-handedly rebuilt my collection. People have said it before and I'll say it again. Larry is the greatest. Currently, I'm looking for some kind of MMM 12 step program because I think maybe I'm completely hooked on the major. On behalf of people like me who rarely post messages to the group, I just wanted to say thanks. Oh..and I'm including my new Major Matt Mason tattoo. (Hello, my name is Charles and I'm a Mattaholic...) regards, Charles"

You can praise Charles and his tattoo here.

Mark's Tattoo!

Fanatics abound! 

Got this sent to me a while back from Mark (no last name given)'s amazing the extent MMM fans to!

You can praise Mark and his tattoo here.

Thierry Voreux' MMM Helmet Tattoo!

Thierry writes: "I've got MMM in my skin ! Nice tattoo offered by my beloved son

Niko Vrx. I'm lucky !"

You can praise Thierry and his tattoo here.


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