Major Matt Mason Trading Cards

Major Matt Mason has been featured on a few trading cards, most recently by Mattel and previously as one of a series on vintage toys:

Mattel MMM Trading Card

Issued in 1997, this card was part of a series of cards about Mattel toys (there were also cards for Hot Wheels and Barbie, among others). The card was only available from Mattel Toy Clubs, possibly from visiting a Mattel location or through reps. All of these cards cost 50 cents each, but sales were limited to two of each per customer.

Mattel probably issued the MMM card as a cheap way to retain or renew the trademark rights to MMM and associated brand names (all of which are stated on the back of the card). One reason for this would be the uncertainty about who actually owned these rights (the most notorious example being the dispute over ownership with Joe King.). Another very good reason for Mattel to re-assert ownership might be found in the recurring rumors that the MMM brand name could be re-used for a new toy line (see our Rumors section!). 

note: It looks as if Matt's eyes have been changed (retouched) in the picture, since he doesn't look straight ahead as he normally does.

Classic Toys MMM Card

This card was issued within a set of Classic Toys Trading Cards. From 1993, this 66-card set chronicles the most popular baby boomer toys. The Major Matt Mason card features the Satellite Locker and a Matt on Space Sled. Nifty!

Mattel Club Kit Membership Cards

Mattel produced (at least?) two other items that look like MMM trading cards. These were part of the MMM Club kits, and are described on the MMM Club page of this site.



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thingmaker said...

I will probably never see these. It's just a pity that a card set could not be an opportunity to tell stories with the original figures and newer, even fan made, contributions. I think the only MMM fiction is the one Big Little book.