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The Benelux is a customs union of BELgium, the NEtherlands and LUXembourg, initiated by their governments-in-exile in London in 1944 to become a reality after WW2 in 1948 (10 years before the EEC was founded which became today’s EU).

Mattel Benelux started out in Brussels, Belgium when in late 1969 Mattel took over its local importer EBIEX, keeping their address at 371, Chaussée Saint-Pierre. Their building no longer exists but did survive long enough to be photographed for Google Street View before being torn down.

Google Street View

Matt Mason Moon Photos Offer 1969

The same address is used for this offer, which was found in Tin-Tin comic magazine and its Dutch-language version called Kuifje.

Mattel Benelux Dealer EOY contest 1969

This folder was sent to Belgian toy shops inviting them to enter the end-of-year window display contest.

Major Matt Mason French-language advert 1970

A full-page advert also from Tin-Tin magazine




John's Notes:

I recently acquired some of these ads but don't yet have the EOY catalog from 1969 (let me know if you have one for sale or know where I can get one).

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