Capitán Meteoro by CIPSA of Mexico

Capitán Meteoro Atomo Box

It appears that CIPSA of Mexico received molds for some Major Matt Mason items after Mattel ended distribution of the toys in the United States. At any rate, toys for the Mexican market had to be produced within Mexico by law at the time. CIPSA stands for Compagnia Industrial de Plásticos S.A. Address: Lago Texcoco No.112 - Col. Anahuac - Mexico 17, D.F. (off the guarantee text on the instructions). I believe they're better known for licensing and producing Hot Wheels, Big Jim (Kid Acero) and Planet of the Apes (El Planeta de los Simios) boys toys for that market. The Capitán Meteoro line is fairly early in the Mattel-CIPSA relationship and seems to be very obscure.

The most outstanding feature of the Capitán Meteoro line is the white rubber molded MMM and the unusual, almost clear green used in Callisto's body (Called Cripton El Perverso! by CIPSA). Also, both Scorpio and Cripton are listed as enemies of Capitán Meteoro "en la Batalla Cosmica." Paul and I believe the figures shown on most box art to be 'prototypes', eg repainted US Storm figures. They show a lot more detail on their suits than any of the figures that have come to light so far.

Capitán Meteoro is a white rubber Sgt Storm with red straps/belts and white boots. His bellows are unpainted and in one picture he has on a silver helmet and black boots. There's also a yellow rubber Sgt Storm with blue boots, called "Atomo." This variation came with a sled and jet propulsion pack rather than a cat trac. Two of the vehicles available are the Camara Antigravedad and the Cañon Espacial. Cripton is described as: "Junto con Scorpio tienen la mision de destruir al intrepido Capitán Meteoro." There was also an "Estación Espacial" released that varied from the US version of the Space Station. The panels are a brighter shade of clear blue, the girders are darker red and the beacon is molded in white plastic with 6 fins instead of black with 3 fins (apparently the mold was altered, probably for the Moonbase Alpha playset that came out around the same time). The sticker sheet varied from the US version, having different colors and an image of Scorpio on the monitor instead of MMM (the rumors of an Alien Station may have been started from copies of this decal sheet which are floating around). (These images were taken from the back of Cripton's box.)

CIPSA Playsets

Art. 4920 Extensor de Poder

Extensor de Poder was the CIPSA version of the Supernaut Power Limbs

Art. 4926 Scorpio El Tirano!

The Mexican release of Scorpio puts a full-size photo of him in a brilliant colored fuchsia and pink box. CIPSA decided to make Scorpio and Callisto (called Cripton) the villains of the toy line, thus Scorpio is called "The Tyrant"

Art. 4927 Capitán Meteoro

An interesting re-creation of Major Matt Mason (or perhaps Sgt Storm), Capitán Meteoro is the hero of Mexico's space saga. Made from a stiffer, white rubber with red painted details and silver boots and helmet, the figure is otherwise indistinguishable from a Sgt Storm figure, even sporting the Mattel Patents on his back. Apparently CIPSA  had the actual Mattel molds to produce their version of the toy line. The box shows a more true-to-life figure of Capitán Meteoro, unlike other boxes which show US-made versions of each toy. However, the figure shown is still a US-made version of Sgt Storm, but repainted to portray Capitán Meteoro. It shows hand-painted details that are not included on any real figure we have seen.

Art. 4928 Capsula Cosmica

A rehash of the Space Power Suit, Capsula Cosmica appears on the colorful box front. It shows Capitán Meteoro in more detail inside the suit.

Art. 4953 Cámara Antigravedad

The CIPSA version of the Uni-Tred and Space Bubble...interesting color variations of the vehicles.

Art. 4955 Cañón Espacial

The CIPSA version of the Firebolt Space Cannon... interesting color variation of this weapon.

Art. 4993 Cripton El Perverso!

A rehash of Callisto, Cripton appears on the colorful box front painted like the US release, including purple sensor and pump. Inside the box, however (loose with no inserts and Spanish instruction sheet), the figure differs in that it is molded in a semi-translucent green with bright blue boots and very little painted details.

Art. 4952 Estación Espacial

The Space Station itself! More great color variations and odd detailing.

Art. 4970 Selenium

Bump-and-Go vehicle that suspends a small ping pong-like ball above using compressed air.

Art. 49? Atomo

Don't be fooled by the Meteoro shown on the package, this is a yellow-molded version of Meteoro that comes with a blue helmet and space sled!

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