Major Matt Mason 1968 Period Newspaper Ads

1968.12.09 Niagara Falls Gazette Page 15 Jenss Holiday Ad

For 1968 some retailers started using actual photography in their ads as the Major Matt Mason line continued to expand. The pricing is all over the place, but I especially like when two toy stores in the same area are trying to outdo each other with both the style of their ads and the discounts to the retail price. You also start seeing Capt. Lazer in the ads which is pretty cool.

I've moved the Canadian Period Newspaper Ads to their own page here.

1968 Troy NY Times Record Gerald's Toylands Open! Ad

Full page of an insert for Gerald's celebrating the opening of their Toy Annex. Small clip-art of Matt on his Space Sled.

1968.10.04 Geneva NY Daily Times Page 20 Tri-City Discount Center Anniversary Sale! Ad

Small Major Matt Mason sales listing somewhat buried in this full-page Tri-City Discount Center ad from the Geneva Daily Times.

1968.10.17 Binghamton NY Press Page 12-A Grand Way "The Price is Right!" Ad

Grand Way takes up about two-thirds of a Binghamton Press page on October 17 1968 with a small photo of a Major Matt Mason Cat Trac card for $1.99.

1968.10.18 Plattsburgh Press-Republican Page 10 Grand Way "The Price is Right!" Ad

Same Grand Way ad as the Binghamton Press above with a small photo of a Major Matt Mason Cat Trac card for $1.99.

1968.11.06 Kingston NY Daily Freeman Page 16 Sears Toy Town Ad

For the 1968 holidays Sears advertised several boy and girl toys including the MMM Flight Set.

1968.11.07 Binghamton NY Press Page 6-B Children's Super Mart Week-End Specials Ad

Block with Major Matt Mason Flight Set as a sales item for $2.49. Best thing about this ad is the Zintar Zeroid graphic in the upper left.

1968.11.13 Niagara Falls Gazette Page 33 Jenss Brothers World of Toys Mattel Ad

Pretty nifty Mattel product-specific ad for Jenss Brothers World of Toys in the Niagara Falls Gazette November 13 1968.

1968.11.27 Geneva NY Daily Times Page 16 Tri-City Discount Center Thanksgiving Sale Ad

Somewhat generic Thanksgiving Sale ad from Tri-City Discount Center - seems to be a bit like a Western Auto, with automotive, weather items and of course toys.

1968.12.05 Potsdam-Courier and Freeman Page 11 Fishman's Holiday Ad

Another fairly simple ad for the Potsdam-Courier and Freeman for Fishman's, just prior to Christmas.

1968.12.09 Niagara Falls Gazette Page 15 Jenss Brothers Christmas Ad

The 1968 Jenss Brothers Christmas ad from the Niagara Falls Gazette mostly has games, seems they were the in thing for that year.

1968.12.09 North Tonawanda NY Evening News Page 2 Jenss Brothers Christmas Ad

Same Jenss ad as above for the Niagara Falls Gazette same day.

1968.12.12 Niagara Falls NY Gazette Page 12 King's Famous Name Toys Ad

For December 12 1968 King's Self-Service Dept Store advertised a couple of Mattel toys including Mini Dragons and the Major Matt Mason Firebolt Space Cannon Super Action Set.

1968.12.24 Niagara Falls NY Gazette Page 27 Jenss Brothers Sale and Clearance Ad

The Sale appears to span two pages for Jenss Brothers in the Niagara Falls Gazette on Christmas Eve.

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