Major Matt Mason Restoration Guide

Nothing like a newly cleaned minty Major Matt Mason!

As with any antique or vintage collectible, part of the challenge is not only how to keep an item from deteriorating, but also how to refurbish an item to make it look nearly new. Over the years several list members have developed techniques for both continuing the lifespan of their Major Matt Mason collectibles, and also making enhancements to worn parts and figures. This cycle of rebirth can breathe new life into otherwise wasted items, for the enjoyment of a future generation of collectors (like their kids!). This list is by no means complete. I've tried to include most of the accepted methods, and where I've been able, I've created links to other websites with more insight and instruction.

MMM Rubber Figure Cleaning

Here's a few different proven methods to safely clean an MMM figure plus links to a few videos. As always, use these instructions at your own risk.

MMM Parts Cleaning

Various methods to clean MMM parts, especially white plastic bits.

Removing Plastic Scratches and Melts in Plastic

Time-honored method at fixing scratched up or melted plastic by David Benz.

Figure Repainting and Rewiring

Info, resources and services for the rewiring and repainting of MMM figures.

Restoring the Space Crawler

Reference photos to the guts of the Space Crawler

Restoring the Space Crawler 2024.04.12 by Rob Stone

Reference images and some instruction for disassembly.

Restoring the Uni-Tred

Step-by-Step instructions on the repair of the Uni-Tred gears plus advice and warnings.
2024.06.15 Additional images from Rob Stone added.

Restoring the Talking Command Console

Step-by-Step instructions to fix the voice box, and get your console talking again.

Captain Lazer Light Fix

Step-by-Step instructions on the replace Captain Lazer's chest light bulb.

Capt. Lazer Restoration by Mik Drago

Instructions and images for taking apart Capt. Lazer for refurbishment.

Moon Suit Arm Replacement

Ideas to get your Suit working..

Jet Propulsion Pak Restringing

David Benz provides instructions..


Have you wondered what to use to loosen things up in these 50+ year old toy vehicles?

**Note that  we make no guarantees of any of these cleaning and restoration techniques and provide a listing of what's been tried as a service only. Try these procedures at your own risk.**

Should anybody reading this have any similar information, additions or corrections, then we would very much appreciate hearing about them.

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