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For the UK and other English-speaking European markets, it appears that Mattel utilized the acquisition of the British company Rosebud, known for their craft in dollmaking in the UK. There is some evidence (mostly anecdotal) that the initial release of MMM in the UK utilized US boxes (there is also evidence that the first offer of  MMM toys in Germany was also established using US boxes/versions, with German-specific releases to follow).

Most of the British release of MMM items had some significant changes from the US: items were packaged and distributed by Rosebud Mattel (although they were apparently manufactured in Hong Kong as were the toys sold in the US), the name of the line was changed to "Major Matt" and names of some accessories and vehicles were altered. It also appears that the line was limited to the British market, as some of the playsets have not surfaced.

Shippams Spreadables Ad

An interesting Shippams Spreadables competition for an MMM Space Station Space Station Space Crawler Super Action Set plus Sgt Storm!

Rosebud Mattel #6345 Space Bubble

The UK version of the Space Bubble had no real changes, other than the details on the box.

Rosebud Mattel #6340 Firebolt Space Lazer

The Firebolt Space Cannon was changed to Firebolt Space Lazer without any apparent changes to the vehicle itself. The box is printed in England; the instruction sheet as well.

Jouets Rationnels Station Spatiale (Space Station)

A French language version of the Space Station, included here because of the Rosebud Mattel box labels (French labels were applied over some of the English by Jouets Rationnels). For more info, please refer to the Jouets Rationnels page.

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