Major Matt Mason 1971 and Later Period Newspaper Ads

1971.09.09 Troy NY Times Record Page 25 Menands Two Guys Buys Ad

As Major Matt Mason sales progressed into the 70's it's fairly apparent that demand was greatly diminished with many ads of the close-out variety. You start seeing ads with figures for less than a buck!

I've moved the Canadian Period Newspaper Ads to their own page here.

1971.02.03 Daily Times Page 9 Kinney Drugs

Save over 50% in our space toy sale. Small image of MMM on a Space Sled - I find it interesting that prices for individual MMM items aren't included in the ad, just a mention and an image - this being towards the end of the toy line.

1971.02.04 TX Bowie News Page 14 Gibson's Discount Center Thursday is Family Shopping Ad

This is a fairly large page-and-a-half ad spread over two adjacent pages, small section with Major Matt Mason's friend Callisto including some great clip-art of Callisto's head.

1971.08.10 Santa Cruz CA Sentinel Page 26 Sears Fantastic Toy Clearance Sale Ad

This full-page Sears ad from the August 10, 1971 Santa Cruz Sentinel showcases Major Matt Mason items at clearance prices.

1971.09.09 Troy NY Times Record Page 25 Menands Two Guys Buys Ad

Menands three quarter-page ad in the September 9, 1971 Troy Times Record "Two Guys Buys" with super cheap Major Matt Mason figures.

1971.09.29 Sanford FL Herald Page 5 The Mighty Eagle Opening Add

The Mighty Eagle Family Discount Stores full-page advert for the Opening of their new store in Sanford, Florida.

1971.10.21 Abilene TX Reporter-News Page 68 Mackey's Christmas Layaway Ad

Somewhat morbidly in the Obits section of the October 21, 1971 Abilene Reporter-News, Mackey's Sports, Toy and Western World takes up about a third of the page with this ad promoting Christmas with a layaway plan.

1971.10.21 El Paso TX Herald-Post Page 23 Gibson's Discount Center Toyland Ad

About a quarter of this full-page ad devoted to toys including King Ding and the Major Matt Mason XRG-1 Reentry Glider.

1971.11.22 Lockport NY Union Sun Journal Page 32 Valu Home Improvement Center Ad

This half-page ad by the Valu Home Improvement Center could be found in the November 22, 1971 Lockport Union Sun Journal.

1971.11.25 El Paso TX Herald-Post Page 29 Gibson's Discount Center Christmas Ad

Gibson's was always good for heavily discounted toys. This full-page ad features the Uni-Tred and Space Bubble Set.

1971.12.10 Abilene TX Reporter-News Page 43 Sears Holiday Ad

Sears went all-out in the Abilene Reporter-News for December 11, 1971 with a handful of Major Matt Mason items for sale, including clip-art to identify each.

1971.12.11 Abilene TX Reporter-News Page 5 Sears Holiday Sale

Repeat of the previous day's ad featuring the same full-page of items with about a quarter devoted to Major Matt Mason with amazing discounts.

1972.10.15 Utica NY Daily Press Boston Store Holiday Sale Ad

This ad published October 15 1972 in the Utica NY Daily Press by the Boston Store is one of the last I could find at the tail-end of the MMM era.

1973.10.24 Greencastle (IN) Banner-Graphic Page 6 Wuertz Home Owned Variety Store "Fall Harvest of Values" Sale Ad

This small ad was published in the Greencastle Banner-Graphic on October 10, 1973. It's the latest instance of Major Matt Mason items I could find advertised at retail.

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