Major Matt Mason Unused Sticker Sheets

These are full-page scans (at 100%) of all the Major Matt Mason Sticker Sheets that I possess (including some foreign versions!). My hope is that collectors missing stickers to their accessories/vehicles can fill gaps in their collections by downloading and subsequently printing these sheets. They are saved at 75 dpi to save download time and preserve screen resolution. They should be printed at 150 dpi for best results...they won't be perfect "photo-copies" but hey, they're better than nuthin! All of these images will fit on a letter size page. Some of these decals were sent to me by fellow collectors and Major Matt Mason fans such as Larry Chinn and Frank May.

Figures and Paks

Astronaut and Space Sled


Gamma-Ray Gard

Moon Suit (not available)

Rocket Launcher


Satellite Launcher (not available)

Space Probe Launcher (not available)

Space Shelter

Space Power Suit

Supernaut Power Limbs

Talking Backpack

Space Station and Vehicles:

Astro Trac

Firebolt Space Cannon/Space Laze
Space Bubble

Space Crawler

Space Station Beacon


Star Seeker



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