Major Matt Mason in Media

The Major has made several TV and Movie appearances, both in the past and in some current films. Here's a collection of his various cameos, commercial appearances and audio clips.

Major Matt Mason TV Commercials

So far there are four Mattel TV commercials that have been recovered - the first is in Black and White, is thirty seconds long and very early, probably from late 1966 or early 1967 - the other three are in color.  There is also a JC Penney commercial from the same era that features the Star Seeker.

Major Matt Mason Television & Movie Appearances

Several Major Matt Mason figures, vehicles and accessories have been used in past and current productions (most recently in the opening credits of "The Wedding Planner"). Here's a collection of stills and clips.

Major Matt Mason Audio Files

Available here are all the available sound clips from the various Major Matt Mason toys (Talking Backpack, Talking Command Console) plus some interesting additions.


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