Jim Hampton's MMM Customs

Trio of MMM Customs I'm happy to own

First submission 1998

Jim was an original member of the old MMM LISTSRV that eventually moved to Yahoo Groups before disbanding to the MAJOR MATT MASON Facebook group around 2006. I was a frequent poster (as were most of us back then) but what really caught my eye was his John Glenn custom which featured a Matt figure with a custom head - he really captured the likeness - painted in Space Shuttle program colors and coinciding with John Glenn's return to space aboard STS-95 (I was very happy to attend the historic launch). Of course those 640x480 digital cameras back then were pretty bad (read that as grainy, pixelated, blurry and lacking most detail unless taken outside or very well lit) - so my apologies for the size and quality of these images.

Jim Hampton's Mego Matt Mason

Submitted 1998

John Glenn custom MMM figure (sorry about the poor image)

Jim Hampton's Major Matt Mason Slip Cards

Submitted 2003

Jim didn't make many of these so I'm very happy to own a set.

Jim Hampton's Major Matt Mason Marooned Edition

Submitted 2004

As I recall this was inspired by a beater figure that was missing limbs - love this and happy to own it.

Jim Hampton's Mego Matt Mason

Submitted 2011.05.28

I loved this the first moment an image was posted and am very happy that Jim was kind enough to make me one.

Jim Hampton's Light-up Callisto

Submitted 2015.09.01

This custom Callisto sports an LED light and battery with a pressure switch - you squeeze his chest and his head lights up! Sensor also lights!

Jim Hampton's Moon Suit 2.0

Submitted 2016.10.12

Light-up version of the Moon Suit with custom Drill.

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