Mattel S.A. International

Mattel International Logo

The Mattel International SA logo would suggest that it was made for use outside the USA, and probably no later than 1968 (by 1968-9 Mattel was setting up local branches in quite a few European countries). Examples found thus far seem to be produced out of the German location (rebranded, translated Mattel GmbH Spielzeug packages).

Mattel International 1968 Catalog

The Belgian example of this international catalog features several MMM items with captions in French and Flemish along with the Mattel International logo.

Mattel International Printing Plate for Newspaper Advertising

This hard plastic printing plate intended for use in single color newspaper advertising was found in a Belgian toy store.

Mattel International 1969 Promotional Brochure

This is a straightforward 8-page brochure containing one page on each main Mattel toy line. Although signed by Mattel Toymakers, all texts in this brochure are in black only for easy translation/adaptation. No doubt this same brochure saw use in other markets and for various possible occasions. This particular example is in French, there are also known copies in a Flemish version.

Walt Disney's Kalle Anka & Co. BRIO Scanditoy AB Ad

This was the back cover to a comic book type magazine called "Walt Disney's Kalle Anka & Co." published in Sweden in late 1970. I'm placing it here while making a huge assumption that MMM was distributed into Sweden via Mattel S.A. International (but it may be that BRIO was the distributor or that the story is even stranger).

Réf. No. 5-6336 Major Matt Mason et Unité De Travail

French-language on a Mattel GmbH Spielzeug Major Matt Mason and Space Power Suit card.


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