Monday, September 10, 2007

Another eBay Roundup 2007.08.26 - 2007.09.05

A few new significant sales over the last couple of weeks - last was this Mexican Estacion Espacial, and earlier there was another Kretor, this time accompanied by Sark with instructions, and earlier, a Sgt. Storm Flight Card.

Rare Major Matt Mason SPACE STATION by Cipsa Mexico
Capitan Meteoro Estacion Espacial Boxed !!

eBay Auction #110165340706
Ending Bid: $366.00
End Date: Sep-05-07 18:44:14 PDT


You are bidding to a ****VERY RARE *** MAJOR MATT MASON SPACE STATION "CAPITAN METEORO ESTACION ESPACIAL", BOXED !! , made in Mèxico in the final 60`s by the mexican extinct factory CIPSA, under license of Mattel, USA .

This set is in VERY GOOD CONDITION, just it has a small piece broken on a red column (Nº 9 picture) plus minor wear around. The box is hard and straight with just some wear on the corners plus some sticky tape marks on the top........STILL IT LOOKS GREAT !

The Estacion Espacial is hard to come by for many reasons - the first is that for a foreign release, it's particularly difficult to find boy toys that were made in Mexico - collecting toys is not considered "macho" so sellers and buyers of boy toys are few and far between - this makes obtaining anything from Mexico difficult (not to mention the language and distance barriers involved). Boxed Cipsa pieces are rare indeed - this one is rather exceptional in that the box is decent and it's nearly complete (lacking the instructions and inserts) but otherwise has the locking pins (usually missing). I find this set more applicable for the advanced MMM collector as it's basically a remake of the US Space Station set using the same moulds - there are some color variations (the orange is more red and the chrome parts are not chromed - moulded in black plastic) - also the celo is paper instead of plastic. Still this is a fine example and better than my own (mine lacks the locking pins and beacon dish) - I was tempted to bid then found the current high bidder as a friend and associate so I refrained.

KRETOR & Zark - Sea Devil Major Matt Mason

eBay Auction #250156153692
Ending Bid: $381.99
End Date: Aug-26-07 15:15:00 PDT


Very rare 1969 Mattel water toy. Appears to be complete.
Kretor is complete but needs a good cleaning. Complete instruction sheet and orginial rubber bands are included.

Buyer to pay S&H for #2 from zip 53717, conformation and insurance. Lets be safe with these toys. Payment to be received within 2 weeks of the close of the auction or the item may be resold and negative feedback given. See our other auctions and save money by combining shipping.

Another good auction, this time with the bonus of the very rare instruction sheet - I think the prices on these are starting to come down a bit - there were several Sarks for sale over the past 2 weeks, all from the same seller and these kept going down in price. I think the market is about saturated with those wanting them about at the limit. I think if this seller had used better, larger images his final sale would have been higher but there are always many contributing factors.

Sgt Storm Flight Set MOC Major Matt Mason VERY RARE '66

eBay Auction #190145217556
Ending Bid: $650.00 (ended with BIN)
End Date: Aug-26-07 08:18:41 PDT


Very hard to find Sgt. Storm Flight Set on Card. Copyright reads 1966. This is a VERY RARE piece on the card. Figure and accessories are all ABSOLUTELY MINT and COMPLETE. The card cellophane is partially detached/sliced but it looks like it was cleanly sliced with a razor knife from just to the right side of the jet pack to the feet of the figure; just enough to be able to get the figure out. But the FIGURE is truly MINT and has not been played with. Some of the green printed card is lifted onto the cellophane in couple of small areas. The cellophane near the top of the figure's head area has a couple of cracks (see close up photo). Card has edge wear and is curved. Hole is unpunched. Sounds worse than it is; it DISPLAYS BEAUTIFULLY. Overall, a fantastic piece to add to your collection - - If I didn't have two kids in college I wouldn't be selling it! But we're taking this empty nest thing seriously and downsizing, so get it quick before I change my mind! All sales are final, so please email me (removed), before bidding, if you have any questions. US buyers will pay $7.50 for Priority Mail shipping (Parcel Post will be $6.15). Canadian buyers will pay actual shipping based on a package weight of 2 pounds. I'll pay the insurance and Delivery Confirmation. I prefer PayPal but will also accept Money Orders or Personal Checks (however, checks must clear before items are shipped). Thanks for checking out my auction!

The Storm Flight card used to sell in excess of $1000 - however a few years ago there was a find of 7-9 cards that pretty much filled in the collections of those who wanted one in the collection - a $650 BIN I would actually consider as too low - I think this collector got a very good deal indeed - there can't be many of these around as they seem to have only been offered for 1 year or so. This is certainly more desirable than a comparable Cat Trak card - I'm surprised more people didn't bid (or perhaps the BIN prevented the card from going much higher? Only the Shadow knows!).
-- John