Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Major Matt Mason Wallet on eBay

The most recent significant offer on eBay was for a Major Matt Mason wallet. One of the handful of items made of vinyl and only offered the first year (1967), the Wallet, 3-Ring Binder and Lunchbox are all difficult to obtain and highly sought. I believe I've only seen about 8-9 wallets for sale or in collections - 2-3 binders and 4-5 lunch boxes. The wallets seem to be the most common of the three. This one did not meet reserve at the ending bid of $565.

Major Matt Mason Wallet hard to find
eBay Auction #320140357895
Ending Bid: $565.00 (Reserve Not Met)
End Date: Jul-29-07 16:32:15 PDT

Rare Matt Mason Wallet seldom seen on ebay. A tough find for Matt Mason collectors. Note that the white shine at the bottom of the wallet is glare from the camera flash. Add this rare piece to your collection.

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My Comments:
The more common items made from vinyl are the Talking Command Console, Satellite Locker and Space Ship Case. The toughest of these three to fine intact is the Space Ship Case (the thrusters are often missing and the fragile nose often broken or missing - also the internal vacu-formed floor is often broken at the rivets - the tag is almost always missing - look to pay in excess of $350 for one of these intact and complete with tag).

-- John