Monday, December 03, 2007

eBay Roundup 2007.12.03

There were a few items of interest (including a MOC MLP that didn't meet reserve at over $900), and some neat German items (including some carded accessories and a German carded Jeff Long) but the rarest item was this Quaker Oat Meal box:

QUAKER Instant Oatmeal Box 1970 f/ Major Matt Mason!

eBay Auction #180184215521
Ending Bid: $218.50
End Date: Dec-01-07 12:52:23 PST

This is a rather odd find!
Up for bid is an Instant Quaker Oatmeal (with Maple & Brown Sugar) box from 1970 (the oatmeal is LONG gone). On the back is a Space Toy Offer for Mattel's Major Matt Mason riding his CAT TRAC. Back then you could get both items for only $1.95 with 2 proof of purchase seals! Unfortunately the offer to get the now very rare and popular Major Matt Mason toys expired on December 31, 1970.

I know this is a rather strange item, but I thought someone might be interested.
Buyer pays $4.00 shipping. Insurance is optional. Thanks for your interest!

My Take:
I'm really surprised that this item didn't go for more - it's truly a rear MMM item. This is only the third I've ever seen - I bought the second one on eBay earlier this year. Along with the three cereal boxes, you rarely see MMM items that were promoted on food products. With the cereal boxes going in the hundreds of dollars, I would have thought that the exceptional condition of this box would have brought more.

I like how the auction poster seems to be apologetic about the box - what a surprise that it brought so much!

-- John

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