Wednesday, August 15, 2007

eBay Sale - Sea Devils Kretor

Not really a Major Matt Mason item, I've included this one because many MMM collectors also collect the Major's cousins, Commander Carter, Rick Riley, (Kretor and Sark) - basically Deep Sea instead of Deep Space and made in a similar fashion (wire-articulated "rubber" poseable figures) in the same 1/12" scale. Kretor is undoubtedly the most difficult of the figures to find, with Sark, his shark-like vehicle a close second. This sale is unusual for the good eBay ad, photos and minimum reserve of $500 - it also comes on the heels of the Store Display sold in the previous post and probably had some of the same bidders.

KRETOR - Sea Devil Major Matt Mason
Yes - Kretor has surfaced

eBay Auction #300140015253
Ending Bid: $516.00
End Date: Aug-13-07 17:02:30 PDT


The mythical creature from the deep has surfaced! As a Sea Devil Collector, you KNOW how rare these figures are. Is this the first one you have seen this year? Maybe.

This fine specimen is in excellent shape with all wires intact and fully poseable. I will give you as much detail as I can. For those of you who have won items from me in the past, you know I am provide as fair as description as possible, and usually over state any challenges. Please see pictures for more detail.

Figure is clean and well cared for. Color is sharp and shiny. Nice paint- no chips on face, belt or suit.

ALL joints are fine except his left elbow is weak.

There is a small cut on his left shoulder, in back. It appears to be a crack from age, but wires are not visible. Cut is not visible from front.

Wire pokes on his left ankle, right forearm, and right & left bicep.
Comes with this custom stand, and an acrylic display case.

Shipping in US & CANADA - please add $10.00 (due to base, case, and packing materials).
UK & Europe add $16.00; Asia, Japan and elsewhere - please add $20.00
Contact me with any questions.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own an excellent, rare specimen.
ALL Bidders MUST pay with PayPal. IMMEDIATE Payment required within 48 hours of close of auction!!!!!

Condition: Excellent

My Comments:
The Sea Devils appeared right on the tail of the Major Matt Mason toyline (about 1971), and feature the three figures plus Sark and two vehicles: the Sea Jet - which could be placed on the figures arms and would pull the figure through water; and the Aqualander, which a figure would "drive" by being seated - this used the same sealed motor/propeller gizmo that drove the Sea Jet. Sark (Killer Whale or Shark in black plastic) was also "motorized" and had a flexible tail - Kretor could be attached to clips on his belly and be propelled through the water. There were a variety of sets - the basic sets contained a figure and both vehicles, Kretor came with Sark and there were some deluxe sets that contained combinations of two figures. Since the scale is similar to MMM and Colorform Aliens, many collectors tend to collect all three toylines. I like the display case and custom base this figure came with - as mentioned in the ad, it's very difficult to find an example that doesn't have the splits in the shoulders (the one in my collection is mint and was unplayed-with - it was part of a collection of prototype toys I purchased in 2002).

-- John

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