Monday, November 12, 2007

eBay Roundup 2007.11.11

Not much new or exciting, though I thought I would mention this:

Major Matt Mason Mobile Launch Pad Mattel 1968 NEW

eBay Auction #330184814712
Ending Bid: $171.38
End Date: Nov-11-07 13:30:09 PST
This rare mobile launch pad has the card and the blister package. They have split and I haven't reattached the two pieces. The are dusty but I didn't want to wash too hard. the Mobile launch pad itself is a perfect 10 out of 10. You can clean up as you see fit, as this is not my specialty. The toy is NEW NOS original, never out of the blister pack until it detached. I find no others on Ebay to compare with. Bid with great confidence as the toy is NEW and PERFECT!!! By Mattel 1968. Mattel's Man In Space. This launch pad had at least 3 different uses, 1) Satellite Launcher 2) Space Probe 3) Rocket Launcher. Used to tow 3 mobile missile systems. 7 days no reserve. Major Matt Mason Mobile Launch Pad with Blister Pack and card. Call with any questions
My Take:
First, understand that this is an extremely rare toy, apparently only offered in Sears stores in 1968 and 1969 (same time as the Astro Trac Missle Convoy Set) - it may also have been offered at Simpsons Sears in Canada during that time but this is unconfirmed. One carded example that I own has a sears price sticker for $1.99 - I've yet to see any other carded examples with a different price sticker (from another store) so it's difficult to say if it was offered elsewhere. Due to the over-sized card and weight of the MLP, carded examples are usually found with the bubble separated from the card (as is this example). Loose examples where going for $150-175 just a couple of years ago, but they have come down to a more reasonable $50-75. The best carded example I've seen (near mint) sold for more than $1500 (I don't remember the exact amount), owned locally by Alec Peters. Selling for less than $200, I consider this a good price, even with the bent up card - my initial thought would be that it would go for more in the $300-400 range.
-- John

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Robert A Vollrath said...

I remember a girl astronaut as part of the Sears only MMM. Does anyone know her name?