Wednesday, April 15, 2009

eBay Roundup 2009.04.15

Major Matt Mason and Space Power Suit #6336

eBay Auction #280330818391
Ending Bid: $260.66 (Free Shipping!)
End Date: Apr-12-09 17:11:06 PDT

When originally found in basement last year this item was 75% sealed. Since being brought to a lower humidity enviornment, the plastic bubble has lifted. Item is now 25% sealed bottom edge only. It could be glued as all print lines up. I never took the contents out and aside from some minor staining on figure, looks to be in factory condition. Original price tag of $4.92 and date of 6-69 is on package. I am not a toy expert and have described this item as accurately as possible. This item was found sealed as stated and buyer can be assured that contents have never been removed from package.

On Apr-06-09 at 04:04:01 PDT, seller added the following information:
I have changed auction for this RARE Matt Mason to no reserve,here is your chance to acquire a great rare item . How many of these have you seen on Ebay?

My Take:
Someone got a great deal with this one - either that or we're seeing directly the affect of the crappy world economy, in action so to speak. I remember when the MMM "big cards" (meaning figures that came with Moon Suit or Power Suit) went for over $1000 on eBay or at retail, at pretty much any intact condition. Here we have the Power Suit card in what I would say is typical condition - the weight of the accessories almost always force the bubble to peel away from the card and there's almost always some warpage - even in this condition under normal circumstances this auction would have sold in the $400+ range. I'm contributing the deal made here to two different causes: the economy has curtailed spending; and second many of the more "hardcore" collectors probably already have this version, so a lessoning of demand. The seller also had an MMM cat trac card that sold for $165.27 (eBay #280330807147) - another tremendous deal!

-- John

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Robert A Vollrath said...

I collected several vehicles and 10 figures for a toy bashing model project.

I enjoy this blog very much and it inspired my own MMM blog called
Atomic Toy Spaceship.