Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fantastic 3D SketchUp Astronaut Models by Max Grüter

I don’t know if everyone is aware of Google’s SketchUp software – basically it’s 3D rendering made easy via a simplistic interface and super fast rendering tool – it was created as a pay-for package for prototyping, and they still maintain and sell a “pro” version, but the basic version is provided free via download. The software is very sophisticated in that with a little training you can accomplish some fantastic results – I’ve been working with it a couple of years, but one of the coolest aspects are the models that people upload into the SketchUp Warehouse, that are available free.

In a recent article via the SketchUp Blog, I was made aware of this guy Max Grüter, who does some fantastic figure modeling – and has a particular liking for astronauts – so without further ado:

You don’t need to download the full software to view the figures in 3D – there’s a free viewer. I think you’ll agree that this guys has some amazing talent. The Bowman figures from 2001 are a particular fave (see image above).

-- John


Anonymous said...

Thank you John!
Max Grüter // Zurich

John said...

Thanks Max! Now if we can only get you to do a Major Matt Mason in 3D!