eBay Roundup for April 2024

Continuing with current Major Matt Mason sales of note, this post is for April 2024 (note that I'm only listing fairly significant completed sales due to rarity or price)...

Major Matt Mason Space Station Space Crawler Action Figures. Nice Lot 

Item number: 126436439024
Ended: April 24, 2024 12.06 PM
Winning bid: $430.00 ($85.00 Standard Shipping)

For sale is some Major Matt Mason items including two boxes and contents as shown. These have been in storage for 50+ years and I am selling them as found as I am unsure of what items should belong with either box. Both boxes are in decent but not great shape. They do show some storage and or cosmetic wear including some missing parts. PLEASE USE PHOTOS as part of description but overall, I believe that you will like the boxes and they will display well. Besides the boxes what is included is the Space Crawler / Winch (both work) with the original lifting hook -nice but the hub caps ? are both cracked, 2 platforms, 1 control center, 1 control center roof, 6 blue windows, (nice cond.), 6 red girders, 1 shelf piece, 3 control base legs, 2 white cat tracks (1967), 1 sled ( 1 decal loose), 1 beacon with dome but NOT working (displays nice), 3 ladder girders, 1 film strip with damage ( missing two tabs and short tears) (better than most), 1 chair (nice), 3 locking pins, 1 phone and 2 faucets ( some plating damage), 3 action figures ( all helmets good cond. ) . The blue figure is in the best condition and I would say excellent+, the red figure I would rate as near excellent as it has a small split in the uniform on the left arm ( should show OK in photos), and the white figure is mediocre with some damage to space suit and overall wear (should also show well in photos ). All are about 6" tall. I believe all damage has been listed but again please view photos carefully I apologize in advance for the shipping charge but IF I can get this  to you cheaper I WILL REFUND any excess that I may have charged. I am using a very heavy duty box which is smaller and hopefully reduces the shipping charges. The overall condition of this lot is very nice and thanks for looking. I will also list the Satelite Locker some parts were stored in so if you have some time please check it out.

On Apr-22-24 at 06:35:55 PDT, seller added the following information:

all action figure wires are intact and the figures are flexible and bendable

My Take:

I think this auction was rather overlooked by most MMM collectors - the initial image was of two boxes, the Space Crawler and the Space Station - it's only when one looked further that one sees three figures including a rather pristine Sgt. Storm and Jeff Long.

Mattel Major Matt Mason LT. Jeff Long Fig Bright Clean No Broken Wires 

Item number: 285806684565
Ended: April 14, 2024 10:10 PM
Winning bid: $137.50 ($8.95 Standard Shipping)

Be sure and checkout my large collection of Major Matt Mason I have listed tonight in my see other items. "I COMBINE SHIPPING TO SAVE YOU MONEY"------------------------------------------------Please look at all 8 pictures carefully. I took every angle possible as you were holding it in your hand. Excellent full Blue color of the whole body with the exceptions being clear shown in the pictures . Nice full paint color of the hair with just a little rub on the tip of his hairline above forehead and the very ends of his eyebrows with the common edge rubs where the helmet twist on but unusually light there. Must not have had a helmet on much. . NO broken wires. Really a nice one here.

My Take:

Jeff Long always demands a premium price - I think whomever won this one got a very good deal. Most of the paint is there and one doesn't have to worry about the wires. I think, as a very short-packed figure, his price will continue to go up. 

Very Rare Leadworks Astronaut Major Matt Mason Clone Replica MOC

Item number: 375345904702
Ended: April 1, 2024 10:30 AM
Winning bid: $125.00 (Free Standard Shipping)

This is a very rare Leadworks Astronaut Major Matt Mason Clone Replica in mint condition. The toy has never been opened and the packaging is in excellent shape. Please note there is some shelfware to the card and it has a little bit of creasing The toy was manufactured in Japan in 1998 and is a great addition to any space toy collection. The brand is Leadworks and the theme is space, perfect for those who love robots, monsters, and space toys.

I respond to offers quickly, and no reasonable offer is refused.

The item is categorized as a space toy and falls under the Toys & Hobbies category. This is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of space toy history.

Please note this is not a Mattel item. We also have many many major Matt Mason listings to choose

A portion of your proceeds goes to help wounded warrior foundation. Thank you and God bless..

My Take:

It's my opinion that this Leadworks figure sold for less than it's actual value - most that I see have been selling for around $150.

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